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Continuously monitor and improve your organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents with our 24/7 security operation center (SOC) services.

Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing

Best-in-class security testing services that help you proactively detect various kinds of security flaws in the network. Our vulnerability assessment and pen testing experts adopt tried and tested processes to determine and test the vulnerabilities.

Incident Handling

Our expert investigators and monitoring specialists leverage cutting-edge intelligent cyber forensics and investigation tools to quickly identify and neutralize cyber threats on your network. Explore our best-in-class forensic analysis, reverse engineering and incident response services.


Save on costs and reduce complexity of meeting the lengthy list of regulatory requirements and improve your organization’s security with necessary controls in place to minimise security risk.


Leverage our top-notch DevSecOps services – implement security while using DevOps for your application development work. Find vulnerabilities and security issues in early stages of SDLC. Identify and fix security flaws along with CI/CD.

Forensic Analysis

Our forensic analysis services will help you develop an attack context in near-real-time and facilitate rapid investigations, strengthen your organization’s threat intelligence and rapidly prevent, detect and counter the threats with a comprehensive, intelligent and deep endpoint visibility.

Security Consulting

Create a robust security environment for your organization with our globally trusted cybersecurity consulting services for security program development, cloud and managed security services, enterprise risk management, controls and compliance, and testing.

Red Team Assessment

Leverage our class-leading Red Team Assessment services to identify (and fix) holes and vulnerabilities in your organization’s infrastructure, applications and processes before malicious actors expose them for you.

Research-Powered Cybersecurity Training

Promote cybersecurity awareness among your users and enhance your team’s operational skills and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks with our tailored cybersecurity training programs.

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Collaboration to Combat Cyber Threats

Leverage the new generation of cybersecurity solutions to conquer today’s cyberthreat challenges
Secure endpoints from ransomware, malware, insider threats and network and cloud breaches with Xprotect’s hardened endpoint protection based on Zero trust.
Improve your security posture by protecting workloads and stopping the lateral movement of threats while achieving complete network visibility with Xshield’s micro-segmentation.

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