Be Agile, Efficient & Anticipate Future Threats

One Comprehensive CyberSecurity Solution that Enables Total Control of your Assets

Our ultra-light sensor brings greater visibility and efficiency to your organization with insight, manageability and security as security begins and ends at endpoint.

Gain 360-Degree Visibility and Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience

Real-Time Visibility

With powerful high-fidelity data insights, gain a comprehensive, accurate, and real-time view of your environment at any scale, wherever your endpoints are.

Comprehensive Control

From patching to killing processes, take action on several challenges with speed and precision and do away with additional agents or complexity.

Rapid Response

Always be in control with the real-time data you need – Outrun breaches when traditional safeguards fail, quickly examine incidents carefully, and stop threats.

IT Hygiene and Security

Let us help you regain visibility and control of your digital assets. Request a free IT gap & risk assessment

Realtime Process & Asset Health

Our 360view sensor provides access to health of key processes and system resources real time with trigger bases alerts.

Realtime Cyber Risk Score

360View Cyber Risk Score quantifies endpoint security exposure by identifying areas of security vulnerability and misconfigurations along with thousands of MITRE , NIST , CIS derived IOA and IOC along with organizations Hardening boundaries defined as per business needs.

CXO Realtime View

An executive report summarizes key findings, highlights areas of strength and opportunity, and outlines an actionable improvement plan.

Consult with Experts on the fly

During a personalized profiling and control, CSCCLabs security experts provide perspectives on best practices and offer recommendations on a path to improvement.

Your Cybersecurity Requires a 360°
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