CVE-2021-40539 Zoho ManageEngine Actively exploited vulnerability in the wild

Zoho ADSelfService Plus CVE-2021-40539

CVE-2021-40539 Zoho ManageEngine Actively exploited vulnerability in the wild | ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is end-user password reset management software that is safe and web-based. The CVE-2021-40539 security flaw is regarded significant because it allows a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary malicious code on a vulnerable system.

About ManageEngine

ZOHO Corporation’s Enterprise IT Management Software division is called ManageEngine (formerly AdventNet). ZOHO Corp. was established in 1996 and has offices across the world until 2009. Its headquarters are in Pleasanton, California, and the company was formerly known as AdventNet Inc. ZOHO Corp. is owned privately.

ZOHO Corp. provides services to a variety of business IT, networking, and telecom clients. Over the years, ZOHO Corp. has grown significantly and has been a dependable supplier and partner with stable financials.

Enterprises all around the world can get high-end features of expansive network management frameworks from ManageEngine, a cutting-edge manufacturer of enterprise IT management software.We are the fastest-growing alternative to conventional network management frameworks, with more than 45,000 customers worldwide, including 3 out of every 5 Fortune 500 firms.

Back in 1996, ZOHO Corp. began by developing SNMP APIs and Network Management Platforms for Network and Element Management Systems for the telecom industry. WebNMS Framework, a carrier-grade platform with more than 1000 man years of development, was rated as the top EMS/NMS Platform for Telecoms. Early in the 2000s, with the dot com burst and the telecom downturn, ZOHO Corp. expanded into the enterprise IT management market.

The brand ManageEngine, which focuses on enterprise IT management, was created.The new products in the IT management space were built on the carrier-grade platform utilized by multinational telecommunications.Currently, ManageEngine offers over 20 tools that address several essential components of efficient IT management.


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