Random Password Generator

Length of Password

What is a password generator?

Just as its name sounds, password generators are online tools that create customized passwords for users. These originators create strong and random passwords for each subscriber account. The most advantaged are individuals who frequently need to create and manage new passwords. Other than creating passwords, the originators securely manage a large number of passwords.

Why should I care about password security?

It's very easy to crack a non-random passwords, mostly we use everything to be stored online and is vulnerable. While conventional crime is falling in many countries, cyber crime is growing year on year. Creating one unique random password for each user account is the first step you should be taking to secure your online data.

Example of weak passwords
  • Password
  • 123456
  • Qwerty
  • Your child's name
  • I always use the same password.
What defines a great password
  • 16 minimum characters
  • At least one upper-case letter
  • At least one lowercase letter is present.
  • At least one special symbol is present.
  • Includes at least one number

Aren't random passwords much more difficult to remember?

We don't recommend you remember the passwords to memory! Most modern browsers will offer to remember passwords for you. It's important for the password to be random, so it's not easily crackable, and to have a seperate password for every site since every site is at risk of giving your password away if they get cracked.

Why should i use password generator?

A internet user has dozens of online accounts. Each of these accounts should be protected by a strong, unique, and secret password. However, it is challenging to come up with so! Using CSCCLABS password generator can help reduce that burden and, together with a reliable password manager, offers a solution that will help protect accounts with strong and secure passwords.

What should I do to protect my password?

Try to avoid entering your password on shared computers. Try not to share your password with anyone else. Never use the same password for more than one site.

Is CSCCLABS password generator safe?

Yes, absolutely! CSCCLABS Password Generator is purely client-side , so it only runs in your browser. The generator does not send the passwords it creates anywhere other than to your device, and it only does that if you choose to copy a specific, generated password. We care More about your privacy.