Security Programs

CSCC Labs provides Security Programs that include your organization’s critical information security policies, procedures, guidelines and standards. We ensure your customized security program includes a roadmap for proactive security management practices and controls. Our solutions help your organization ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

Strategic Vision Meets Security:
  • CSCC Labs combines elements from its other security offerings to help its customers build a strategy for its security program.
  • CSCC Labs team of experts can deliver all the components of a comprehensive security program.
  • CSCC Labs can help roll out a Security Program with the right tools and standards for the problems at hand.
CSCC Labs Builds the Foundation of Your Security Program
CSCC Labs Security Programs include multiple components and sub-programs to ensure that your organization’s security efforts align to your business goals and objectives.
  • Benchmark: We begin by benchmarking the current state of your program as we define your environment needs through your security policies, standards, programs and process documentation.
  • Measurement: As we begin to conduct your needed assessments, we measure against your initial benchmark to see how impactful changes to your security program are to your business.
  • Informed Decision Making: CSCC Labs solutions include putting a communication system in place to provide critical data and analysis to key stakeholders in order to make informed decisions moving forward.

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CSCC Labs is a team of cybersecurity experts who are passionate about providing cutting-edge integrated security services to organizations of all sizes across industries, helping them minimize risk and improve their security posture cost-effectively.

We offer robust and custom cybersecurity solutions, improve compliance and eliminate talent shortages, all while you save costs and time.
We offer several managed cybersecurity services delivered by our 24×7 security operation center, staffed with industry-leading cybersecurity experts dedicated to serving as an extension to your IT team.
We provide cybersecurity solutions to organizations from different industries ranging from Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Government, among others.