Traditional endpoint security is losing the battle with advanced ransomware and malware. In 2020 the average total cost of a data breach was $3.86 million USD. In 2021 ransomware attacks caused an average of $1.85 million USD damage to affected companies, with only 8% receiving all their data back even when paying the ransom. Corporate endpoints such as servers, laptops, desktops, and critical point of sales (POS) systems are often targeted to gain access to valuable network assets. These attacks persist even though most organizations have installed some form of traditional endpoint security controls. Endpoints are the most common and easiest way for ransomware and malware to enter your network.

Xprotect Dashboard:

  • A centralized, web-based console provides full visibility and control of all assets in the network and processes running on every machine. The intuitive dashboard helps security professionals quickly view connectivity status with the tenant, agent status, and alerts. The multitenant dashboard provides key indicators and list widgets that display each tenant’s critical metrics and the level of threat observed on the tenant’s hosts.

Xprotect Agent:

  • Ultra-lightweight software agents are installed on endpoints. The agent contains built-in rules and configuration information, and incident logs are correlated within the agent. This architecture allows for offline protection of the endpoints, as the Xprotect agent has predefined security rules. Once the endpoint is back online, it sends all the telemetry data to the dashboard.


  • Protect Fixed-Function Devices
    • Xaccess enables role and identity-based secure access to distributed applications, cloud services, and workload segments across any public cloud, hybrid cloud, or data center with zero-complexity deployment and operations. The solution is software-defined, seamless across environments, and makes it easy to define and manage policies at scale across clouds. It is the only remote access solution that is integrated with workload-to-workload segmentation for maximum security of applications and services being accessed by internal and external use.
  • Endpoint Lockdown
    • ColorTokens Xprotect takes a Zero Trust approach to endpoint protection where only good application behavior is allowed, and any deviations from normal behavior are not allowed. The running processes are analyzed with the whitelisted processes and combined with contextual behavioral analysis to protect from advanced malware, ransomware, fileless attacks, and zero-day or unknown threats.
  • Ransomware Prevention
    • ColorTokens Xprotect delivers real-time protection against ransomware, preventing attacks from large-scale and costly corporate incidents. Xprotect effectively reduces the attack surface on an endpoint, contains and prevents the lateral spread by locking down the endpoint, and efficiently stops ransomware attacks by visualizing, intervening, and blocking unauthorized and malicious behavior during the ransomware attack phase.

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