Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber security is constantly changing, and new threats and vulnerabilities against businesses emerge every day. One way to secure company assets, maintain an awareness of the vulnerabilities in your environment and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats is through a regular vulnerability assessment. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment provides organizations with the knowledge, awareness, and risk background necessary to understand threats to their environment. Remediation measures can then be applied accordingly. Identifying risks before hackers do will drastically improve the cyber security posture of your business.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

Our Vulnerability Assessment service helps to identify, quantify and address the security vulnerabilities that exist within your company’s infrastructure, including on-premise and cloud networks. Our cyber security professionals integrate advanced scanning technology into all vulnerability assessments, providing a high level of support required to address identifiable vulnerabilities.

What we assess

The CSCC LABS Vulnerability Assessment team utilizes advanced scanning software to detect live risks to your company’s infrastructure, identify new internal and external vulnerabilities, preventing unauthorized access. Our qualified IT experts review the results of the vulnerability scans to provide a report outlining key recommendations and threat remediation advice.

We test against the world’s largest integrated public database of exploits and provide the following benefits:

  • Identification of systems and processes that pose a security risk before attackers identify them.
  • Inventory creation of all devices on a business network, including system information.
  • Defined level of risk that exists on the network.
  • Inventory of all devices within the business to assist with future upgrades and future vulnerability assessments.