Single, Integrated Zero Trust Platform

The CSCCLABS Xtended ZeroTrust Platform is a cloud-based, SaaS-delivered, software-defined platform for hybrid networks that natively integrates Zero Trust access, endpoint protection and identity-based segmentation in a single platform, to simplify the adoption of Zero Trust and accelerate the enterprise journey to full cloud and multi-cloud. The infrastructure-agnostic platform deploys easily and seamlessly, enabling IT and security teams to:


Context-rich, continuous and adaptive

  • Comprehensive context of risk, intent, identity applied to each access request: user to app, app to app, and OT/device to application
  • Policies updated dynamically if context changes
  • Built in threat feed integrations and reputation feeds provide enhanced context to aid in policy decisions
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Operationalize and implement at scale

  • Automated ML/AI based policy identification and recommendation engine to easily define and manage policies at scale
  • Skyview visualization for visual threat and policy impact analysis
  • Centralized policy management and access control

Breach resilient

  • Dynamically isolates/stops breaches at workload and/or endpoint
  • Limits the blast radius for new attack vectors/unknown threats
  • Automatically restricts access based on trust model
  • Auto-quarantines compromised devices
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Stay ahead of threats with a Zero Trust architecture

The CSCCLABS Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform:
  • Is based on Zero Trust Architecture to block and prevent the spread of advanced threats in hybrid networks
  • Extends Zero Trust protection from users and endpoints to crown jewels, via a comprehensive, context-rich approach to threat prevention
  • Deploys seamlessly, with no business disruption during deployment and installation, and no changes to network infrastructure
  • Future-proofs the network for secure cloud migration and adoption of multi-cloud

Platform Solutions

The CSCCLABS Xtended ZeroTrust Platform Offers Comprehensive Solutions

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